Crassulaceae Family  

  Echeveria gibbiflora 

Origin:  Mexico.

Plant Description:  Solitary rosette or with a few branchs, with bluish fleshy leaves and more or less reddish edges based on the light that receive. Numerous varieties, forms and cultivars do exist, reason why the presentation of the plants can vary much.


Flowers:  They are born from branched inflorescences. They are small, of 2 cm of diameter, red color outside and  shades of yellow/orange in its interior. They are very abundant in adult plants.

Echeveria gibbiflora metallica

Growth:  Slow.

Echeveria gibbosa var. carunculata

Culture:  Ph 6.  Occasional controlled irrigations during all the year. Ground with good drainage and to full sun so that it adopts very attractive colorations. Keep them in dry to support the cold.

Phytosanitary Cares:  Preventive treatments with fungicides. It tends to undergo rotting by neck and root if it exists very high humidity during the winter.

Photos: By Dr. Subulata & Kaktusmert8


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